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  1. 1. Separations in Multivocality: Reconfiguring Dialogue through Design

    University dissertation from Chalmers University of Technology

    Author : Jon Geib; Chalmers tekniska högskola.; Chalmers University of Technology.; [2017]
    Keywords : HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; multivocality; post-political; participation; separation; indirect dialogue; design; architecture; artistic research; dialogue; public space;

    Abstract : This thesis takes an artistic research approach concerned with the designer's agency within processes of public space.  It traverses contexts of urbanism, urban design, architecture, art, design and participatory processes but also draws from other fields. READ MORE

  2. 2. Dialogen i socialt arbete en studie av socialbyråsamtal i ljuset av modern dialogteori

    University dissertation from Linköping : Tema, Univ

    Author : Erik Fredin; Linköpings universitet.; Linköpings universitet.; [1993]
    Keywords : SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; Dialogue; dialogue theory; discursive dominance; initiative-response analysis; institutional discourse; perspective analysis; power relation; social work; topic analysis; utterance; Socialt arbete; Samtalsmetodik;

    Abstract : This dissertation concerns the dialogical encounters that take place between social workcr and client within the social services. The empirical material consists of 21 dialogues, 19 of which wcre recorded at two social welfare offices, one located in the center of Stockholm and the other in a suburb, and two which were recorded at the youth counseling office. READ MORE

  3. 3. Language taught and language used dialogue processes in dyadic lessons of Swedish as a second language compared with non-didactic conversations

    University dissertation from Linköping : Linköpings universitet

    Author : Lennart Gustavsson; Linköpings universitet.; Linköpings universitet.; [1988]
    Keywords : SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; Dialogue; Conversation analysis; Classroom communication; Second language teaching; Premisses for communication; Activity types; Dominance; Question-answer; INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH AREAS; TVÄRVETENSKAPLIGA FORSKNINGSOMRÅDEN;

    Abstract : The purpose of the research reported in this monograph has been twofold. First, it aims at contributing to an inquiry of the ways in which language and context are intertwined. Second, it aims at giving a characterization of a specific communicative event, second language teaching. READ MORE

  4. 4. Civil society in civil war : peace work and identity politics in Sri Lanka

    University dissertation from Göteborg : Department of Peace and Development Research, Göteborg University

    Author : Camilla Orjuela; Göteborgs universitet.; Gothenburg University.; Göteborgs universitet.; Gothenburg University.; [2004]
    Keywords : SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; peace work; identity; conflict resolution; civil society; peace movement; NGO; dialogue; multiculturalism; ethnic conflict; civil war; ethnicity; nationalism; Sri Lanka;

    Abstract : What possibilities do civil society actors have in contributing to peace in violent conflicts fought along identity lines? What are the problems involved in civil society peace work? This thesis takes on these questions, applying a critical, interpretative and constructivist approach. It draws the attention to actors who are often not visible in war and peace processes, given that a focus on outside intervention has dominated peace and conflict research. READ MORE

  5. 5. Expectations and Linguistic Meaning

    University dissertation from Lund University Cognitive Science Kungshuset, LundagårdSE-222 22 LUND

    Author : Simon Winter; [1998]
    Keywords : HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; Philology; covariation; linguistic meaning; cognition; expectations; evolution; conventionalization; pragmatics-semanticscontinuum; dialogue dynamics; shareability; referentialcommunication; ontology; deontic and epistemic modality; breakdown analysis; Språkvetenskap;

    Abstract : Popular Abstract in Swedish Vad betyder ordet "hund"? Eller orden "ljudpinne", "måste", "gurka" och "röd"? Till skillnad från många tidigare forskare ser jag orden och våra språkliga uttryck som reaktioner på när saker och ting har blivit fel i våra vardagliga handlingar: anledningen till att jag måste ha ett ord för "röd" är att du kanske tog den blå skjortan i stället för den röda, och den passade inte lika bra just idag. I min teori får ordet hund bara sin betydelse i relation till de sociala och kulturella sammanhang där det används. READ MORE