An upgrade of the SCANDAL facility for neutron scattering measurements at 175 MeV

University dissertation from Uppsala : Department of Physics and Astronomi

Abstract: The experimental setup SCANDAL, used for measurements of the differential cross section for elastic neutron scattering, has been upgraded with new Na doped CsI scintillating detectors for measurements at 175 MeV. Two experimental campaigns have been carried out, collecting data on three different nuclei: iron, bismuth and silicon. SCANDAL has also been used in an attempt to measure the proton content in ANITA, the white neutron beam at the The Svedberg Laboratory in Uppsala.This thesis describes the design of the new SCANDAL, and the details of the first experiment. Some of the characteristics of the new setup, such as energy resolution, are illustrated by the early steps in the analysis of the first experimental data, collected in January and February 2009.

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