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  1. 1. Choosing environmental policy instruments : Case studies of municipal waste policy in Sweden and England

    Author : Åsa Maria Persson; Stockholms universitet; []
    Keywords : municipal waste policy; environmental policy instruments; environmental policy; Sweden; England;

    Abstract : European governments have during the last couple of decades shown an interest in new types of environmental policy instruments (EPIs) such as environmental taxes, tradable permit schemes and voluntary approaches, as opposed to relying on traditional forms of regulation. The interest in so-called ‘new’ EPIs (NEPIs) has led many governments to commit both to a more diverse EPI mix and to a policy process characterised by procedural rationality, in terms of considering a wide range ofalternative instruments and assessing them in a systematic and transparent way. READ MORE

  2. 2. Structural and functional studies of streptococcal surface adhesins

    Author : Åsa Nylander; Karina Persson; Maria Selmer; Umeå universitet; []

    Abstract : The oral cavity is home to an array of microorganisms that are associated with dental plaque. Some Gram-positive bacteria are common inhabitants of the oral cavity and in order to colonize such a unique environment adhesion becomes essential and is accomplish by adhesins expressed on the bacterial surface. READ MORE