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  1. 1. Large Scale Solar Power Integration in Distribution Grids : PV Modelling, Voltage Support and Aggregation Studies

    Author : Afshin Samadi; Lennart Söder; Olof Samuelsson; KTH; []
    Keywords : ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY; Photovoltaic systems; PV system modelling; reactive power control; droop control; voltage sensitivity analysis; German Grid Codes; relative gain array RGA ; singular value decomposition SVD ; load modeling; system identification; Electrical Engineering; Elektro- och systemteknik;

    Abstract : Long term supporting schemes for photovoltaic (PV) system installation have led to accommodating large numbers of PV systems within load pockets in distribution grids. High penetrations of PV systems can cause new technical challenges, such as voltage rise due to reverse power flow during light load and high PV generation conditions. READ MORE