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  1. 1. Constructive Newton–Puiseux Theorem, Sheaf Model of the Separable Closure and Dynamic Evaluation

    Author : Bassel Mannaa; Göteborgs universitet; Göteborgs universitet; Gothenburg University; []
    Keywords : NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; Newton–Puiseux; Algebraic curve; Sheaf model; Dynamic evaluation; Algebraic number; Grothendieck topos; Grothendieck topos;

    Abstract : Computing the Puiseux expansions of a plane algebraic curve defined by an affine equation over an algebraically closed field is a an important algorithm in algebraic geometry. This is the so-called Newton–Puiseux Theorem. The termination of this algorithm, however, is usually justified by non-constructive means. READ MORE

  2. 2. Algebraic Methods for Modeling and Design in Control

    Author : Mats Jirstrand; Torkel Glad; Linköpings universitet; []

    Abstract : Computer algebra or symbolic computation has been recognized as an important tool in many engineering disciplines and continues to find new fields of application. In this thesis we investigate a number of constructive methods implemented as parts of computer algebra packages and utilize them both theoretically and practically in connection with problems in modeling and design of control systems. READ MORE

  3. 3. Knots and Surfaces in Real Algebraic and Contact Geometry

    Author : Johan Björklund; Tobias Ekholm; Grigory Mikhalkin; Uppsala universitet; []
    Keywords : NATURAL SCIENCES; NATURVETENSKAP; Algebra and geometry; Algebra och geometri; Mathematics; Matematik;

    Abstract : This thesis consists of a summary and three articles. The thesis is devoted to the study of knots and surfaces with additional geometric structures compared to the classical smooth structure. READ MORE

  4. 4. Compactifying locally Cohen-Macaulay projective curves

    Author : Morten Hønsen; Dan Laksov; Kristian Ranestad; KTH; []
    Keywords : NATURAL SCIENCES; NATURVETENSKAP; Cohen-Macaulay compactification; curves; algebraic space; Algebra and geometry; Algebra och geometri;

    Abstract : We define a moduli functor parametrizing finite maps from a projective (locally) Cohen-Macaulay curve to a fixed projective space. The definition of the functor includes a number of technical conditions, but the most important is that the map is almost everywhere an isomorphism onto its image. READ MORE

  5. 5. Towards Plane Hurwitz Numbers

    Author : Jared Ongaro; Boris Shapiro; Roy Skjelnes; Stockholms universitet; []
    Keywords : NATURAL SCIENCES; NATURVETENSKAP; NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; Algebraic curves; Hurwitz spaces; matematik; Mathematics;

    Abstract : The main objects of this thesis are branched coverings obtained as projection from a point in P^2. Our general goal is to understand how a given meromorphic function f: X -> P^1 can be induced from a composition X --> C -> P^1, where C is a plane curve in  P^2 which is birationally equivalent to the smooth curve X. READ MORE