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  1. 1. Development of life cycle cost model and analyses for railway switches and crossings

    Author : Arne Nissen; Luleå tekniska universitet; []
    Keywords : ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY; Life Cycle Cost; RAMS; Maintenance Decision; Railway Infrastructure; Switches and Crossings; Industrial engineering and economy - Industrial organisation; administration and economics; Livscykelkostnad; RAMS; Underhållsbeslut; Järnväg; Spårväxlar; Industriell teknik och ekonomi - Industriell organisation; administration och ekonomi; Drift och underhållsteknik; Operation and Maintenance;

    Abstract : Infrastructure managers need to have a safe and available infrastructure, so that train operators can deliver a transport product at an affordable price. In the future, as traffic volume increases, higher utilisation of the existing capacity, less time for maintenance and fewer unplanned interruptions will be critical for meeting the ever increasing need of transport capacity. READ MORE