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  1. 1. Genetic structuring in natural populations - the influence of life history strategies and asymmetric migration

    Author : Lisa Sundqvist; Göteborgs universitet.; Gothenburg University.; [2016]
    Keywords : NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; Population genetics; Asymmetric migration; Genetic differentiation; Resting stages; Gene flow; Phytoplankton; Macroalgae;

    Abstract : In this thesis I investigate aspects of genetic differentiation and factors influencing the structure of populations. This is done with a special focus on life histories and dispersal strategies common in the marine environment. READ MORE

  2. 2. Electronic Energy Transfer within Asymmetric Pairs of Fluorophores: Partial Donor-Donor Energy Migration (PDDEM)

    University dissertation from Umeå : Kemi

    Author : Stanislav Kalinin; Lennart B.-Å. Johansson; Helge Lemmetyinen; [2004]
    Keywords : NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; Physical chemistry; fluorescence resonance energy transfer FRET ; donor-donor energy migration DDEM ; homotransfer; fluorescence relaxation; lifetimes; time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy; time-correlated single photon counting; distance measurements; protein structure; Fysikalisk kemi; NATURAL SCIENCES Chemistry Physical chemistry; NATURVETENSKAP Kemi Fysikalisk kemi; Physical Chemistry; fysikalisk kemi;

    Abstract : A kinetic model of electronic energy migration within pairs of photophysically non-identical fluorophores has been developed. The model applies to fluorescent groups that exhibit different photophysical and spectral properties when attached to different positions in a macromolecule. READ MORE

  3. 3. Methods for Asymmetric Olefination Reactions; Development and Application to Natural Product Synthesis

    University dissertation from Stockholm : KTH

    Author : Daniel Strand; Tobias Rein; Viresh Rawal; [2006]
    Keywords : NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; Antitumor agents; Asymmetric Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons; Desymmetrization; Metal-catalyzed olefination; Mucocin; Palladium-catalyzed allylic substitution; Parallel kinetic resolution; Pyranicin; Pyragonicin; Rhenium; Stereoconvergent synthesis; Stereodivergent synthesis; Stereoselective synthesis; Tetrahydropyran; Wittig reaction; NATURAL SCIENCES Chemistry Organic chemistry; NATURVETENSKAP Kemi Organisk kemi;

    Abstract : This thesis deals with the development and application of methods for asymmetric olefinations, in particular Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons (HWE) reactions, in the synthesis of certain natural products.Relying on asymmetric HWE reactions to access key building blocks, two natu-ral products, pyranicin and pyragonicin, were synthesized from common late intermediates. READ MORE

  4. 4. Ruthenium-catalyzed redox reactions and lipase-catalyzed asymmetric transformations of alcohols

    University dissertation from Stockholm : Institutionen för organisk kemi

    Author : Michaela Edin; Jan-E. Bäckvall; Manfred T. Reetz; [2005]
    Keywords : NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; ruthenium; lipase; catalysis; alcohols; diols; NATURAL SCIENCES Chemistry; NATURVETENSKAP Kemi;

    Abstract : The major part of this thesis describes the synthesis of enantiopure alcohols and diols by combining ruthenium-catalyzed redox reactions that lead to racemization or epimerization and lipase-catalyzed asymmetric trans-formations in one-pot.A mechanistic study of the unexpected facile formation of meso-diacetate products found in enzyme-catalyzed acetylations of alkanediols with Candida antarctica lipase B (CALB) was first performed. READ MORE

  5. 5. On the quantitative analysis of electronic energy transfer/migration in proteins studied by fluorescence spectroscopy

    University dissertation from Umeå : Kemi

    Author : Mikael Isaksson; Lennart Johansson; Bo Albinsson; [2007]
    Keywords : NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; Biophysical Chemistry; NATURAL SCIENCES Chemistry Physical chemistry Biophysical chemistry; NATURVETENSKAP Kemi Fysikalisk kemi Biofysikalisk kemi;

    Abstract : Two recently developed theories of electronic energy transfer/migration were for the first time applied to real protein systems for extracting molecular distances. The partial donor-donor energy migration (PDDEM) is an extension to the previously developed donor-donor energy migration (DDEM, F Bergström et alPNAS96, 1999, 12477) which allows using chemically identical but photophysically different fluorophores in energy migration experiments. READ MORE