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  1. 1. Gastrotricha of Sweden - Biodiversity and Phylogeny

    Author : Tobias Kånneby; Ulf Jondelius; M. Antonio Todaro; Sven Boström; Rick Hochberg; Stockholms universitet; []
    Keywords : NATURAL SCIENCES; NATURVETENSKAP; NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; NATURAL SCIENCES; NATURVETENSKAP; taxonomy; systematics; phylogeny; new species; cryptic species; Chaetonotidae; Dasydytidae; Thaumastodermatidae; Systematic Zoology; zoologisk systematik och evolutionsforskning; Livets mångfald; Diversity of life;

    Abstract : Gastrotricha are small aquatic invertebrates with approximately 770 known species. The group has a cosmopolitan distribution and is currently classified into two orders, Chaetonotida and Macrodasyida. The gastrotrich fauna of Sweden is poorly known: a couple of years ago only 29 species had been reported. READ MORE