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  1. 1. Discretion an art of the possible : education committees in the Swedish system of government

    University dissertation from Umeå : Umeå universitet

    Author : Anders Lidström; Umeå universitet.; [1991]
    Keywords : SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; Discretion; autonomy; central-local government relations; local government; education policies; Education Committees; actors perspective;

    Abstract : Discretion is commonly analyzed as the scope for choice set by formal superiors. This study aims at developing an alternative theory of discretion which also takes into account the assumptions of the actors in implementing positions. READ MORE

  2. 2. Public Procurement at the Local Government Level Actor roles, discretion and constraints in the implementation of public transport goals

    University dissertation from Linköping : Linköping University Electronic Press

    Author : Lisa Hansson; Statens väg- och transportforskningsinstitut.; Linköpings universitet.; Linköpings universitet.; [2011]
    Keywords : SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH AREAS; TVÄRVETENSKAPLIGA FORSKNINGSOMRÅDEN; Railway: Economics; Railway: Economics; Road: Economics; Road: Economics; Tender; Contract; Decision process; Administration; Planning; Public transport; Local authority; Public procurement; Competitive tendering; Local government; Implementation; Public transport; Principal–Agent theory; Discretion; Public administration; Offentlig upphandling; Implementering; Kollektivtrafik; Principal-Agent teori; Handlingsutrymme; Lokal nivå; Offentlig förvaltning;

    Abstract : Det övergripande syftet med denna avhandling är att öka kunskapen om hur den lokala nivån i Sverige är påverkad av kravet på att använda offentlig upphandling, och mer specifikt att förstå de handlingar som olika aktörer vidtar vid implementering av kollektivtrafik mål, då konkurrensutsatt upphandling är ett krav. Genom fallstudie metod har olika implementeringsprocesser undersökts. READ MORE

  3. 3. The Art of Discretion Essays on Earnings Management, Governance, and Capital Structure

    University dissertation from Stockholm : Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University

    Author : Amir Kheirollah; Stockholms universitet.; [2020]
    Keywords : SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; earnings management; accruals modelling; corporate governance; industry regulation; capital structure; bounded rationality; substitution effect; complement effect; Business Administration; företagsekonomi;

    Abstract : This dissertation is a compilation of three articles on earnings management, governance and capital structure. In addition to these three articles, the introductory chapter establishes the link between these articles and summarizes them.Article I investigates the joint effect of governance mechanisms on earnings management. READ MORE

  4. 4. For the Benefit of Everyone? : Explaining the Significance of Swedish Public Housing for Urban Housing Inequality

    University dissertation from Malmö University

    Author : Martin Grander; Malmö University.; Malmö University.; [2018]
    Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; Humanities Social Sciences; Housing; Inequality; Social Housing; Universalism; Discretion; Structures of Housing Provision; Public Housing; Housing Regimes;

    Abstract : Housing has a special place in the Swedish welfare state. Ever since Gustav Möller, Minister for Social Affairs, in 1945 was handed the result of Bostadssociala utredningen, a state investigation on housing from a social perspective, housing has been a bearing pillar in the Swedish ‘Folkhem’. READ MORE

  5. 5. Mind the blues Swedish police officers' mental health and forced deportation of unaccompanied refugee children

    University dissertation from Umeå : Umeå University

    Author : Jonas Hansson; Umeå universitet.; Umeå universitet.; [2017]
    Keywords : MEDICIN OCH HÄLSOVETENSKAP; MEDICAL AND HEALTH SCIENCES; coping; decision latitude; discretion; job demand; mental health; police personnel; street-level bureaucracy; Sweden; unaccompanied; asylum-seeking refugee children; work-related social support; folkhälsa; Public health;

    Abstract : Introduction: Policing is a public health issue. The police often encounter vulnerable populations. Police officers have wide discretionary powers, which could impact on how they support vulnerable populations. READ MORE