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  1. 1. Molecular aspects of pheromone evolution in moths

    University dissertation from David Abraham, Ekologihuset, Sölvegatan, 37, 223 62 Lund

    Author : David Abraham; [2002]
    Keywords : NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; Ekologi; 28S genephylogenetic reconstruction pheromone types; ND1 genes; PBP; Pheromone-binding protein genes; Drepanidae; Noctuidae; Geometridae; Lepidoptera; Insect; Evolution; Olfaction; Ecology;

    Abstract : Moths rely on the sense of smell (olfaction) as the main sensory input system in search for potential food sources and in selection of suitable females by males. Specific pheromones are fundamental to the reproductive isolation of species and consequently the olfactory system of moths has evolved to a high level of sensitivity and specificity. READ MORE