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  1. 1. Synchrotron Radiation Studies of Free and Adsorbed Molecules

    Author : Zhuo Bao; Maria Novella Piancastelli; Svante Svensson; Denis Ceolin; Edwin Kukk; Uppsala universitet; []
    Keywords : Physics; Synchrotron radiation; Auger electron spectroscopy; one-step model; Post Collision Interaction PCI ; theoretical modeling; molecules; adsorbates; UPS; XPS; XAS; NEXAFS; Fysik;

    Abstract : This thesis contains two parts. The first part concerns the research work on free molecules using synchrotron-radiation-related techniques. Auger electron spectra of two free open-shell molecules, O2 and NO, were studied experimentally and theoretically. READ MORE

  2. 2. Molecular Interaction in Aqueous Solutions : Effects of Temperature and Solutes on Surface Structure and Hydrogen Bonding in Water

    Author : Clara-Magdalena Saak; Carl Caleman; Olle Björneholm; Nicusor Timneanu; Edwin Kukk; Uppsala universitet; []

    Abstract : Intermolecular forces in liquids can give rise to complex emergent structures, particularly in water, where hydrogen bonding causes the formation of extended networks, and surfaces, where intermolecular structures can be distinctly different from the bulk, leading to unique properties and behaviours. While such structures have been studied in detail, it is still relatively unknown how such structures respond and adapt to external changes to their environment. READ MORE