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  1. 1. Theoretical understanding of stability of alloys for hard-coating applications and design

    Author : Hans Lind; Igor Abrikosov; Ferenc Tasnádi; Ralf Drautz; Linköpings universitet; []

    Abstract : The performance of modern hard coating materials puts high demands on properties such as hardness, thermal stability and oxidation resistance. These properties not only depend on the chemical composition, but also on the structure of the material on a nanoscale. READ MORE

  2. 2. Towards a Holocene tephrochronology for the Azores

    Author : Hans Johansson; Stefan Wastegård; Otto Hermelin; Ewa M. Lind; Christine S. Lane; Stockholms universitet; []

    Abstract : The Azores is situated in the North Atlantic Ocean and is one of the most active volcanicregions in the Northern Hemisphere. The volcanic history of the islands is fairly wellknown and several explosive trachytic eruptions have been reported but the geochemicalcompositions of the glass component of the tephra as well as the dispersal oftephras to distal areas are less well known. READ MORE

  3. 3. Towards Effortless Use of Information Technology in Home Healthcare with a Networked Digital Pen

    Author : Leili Lind; Hans Åhlfeldt; Daniel Karlsson; Bengt Fridlund; Sabine Koch; Linköpings universitet; []
    Keywords : MEDICAL AND HEALTH SCIENCES; MEDICIN OCH HÄLSOVETENSKAP; MEDICIN OCH HÄLSOVETENSKAP; MEDICAL AND HEALTH SCIENCES; Home care services; Hospital-based; Requirements; Pain Assessment; Visual Analogue Scale; Palliative care; Digital pens; Mobile phones; Internet; Medical informatics; Medicinsk informatik;

    Abstract : When care is moved from the hospital to the home the demands for high quality care still remain. For problems arising from the geographical separation of patients and professional caregivers, information and communication technology may offer important solutions. READ MORE

  4. 4. Property Maintenance : Concepts and determinants

    Author : Henry Muyingo; Hans Lind; Göran Lindahl; KTH; []
    Keywords : Housing maintenance; property management; real estate; housing companies;

    Abstract : Introduction Strategic property management aims at balancing the question of how the needed space is to be secured, maintained, increased or disposed of in a cost effective manner under a mixture of decisions and actions. In recent years, the interest in building maintenance has increased as more and more of the housing stock built after the Second World War is in need of major renovation. READ MORE

  5. 5. Efficient Winter Road Maintenance : A Study of Technical and Contractual Issues

    Author : Adel Abdi; Hans Lind; Björn Birgisson; Lars Silver; KTH; []
    Keywords : ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER; climate; road climate and weather; road surface roughness; road friction; winter tyre; winter maintenance tools; RWIS; weather station; winter maintenance; contract type; road maintenance contract; winter maintenance contract; partnering; strategic alliance; public procurement; tender; incentives; bundling services; payment mechanism; remuneration models; Byggvetenskap; Civil and Architectural Engineering;

    Abstract : Since ancient times, roads have tied people and cultures together. Roads have been createdwith the aim of facilitating trade and cultural exchange among different regions in the world. READ MORE