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  1. 1. Ca-Pd/Pt-Ge Compounds on the Zintl Border

    Author : Isa Doverbratt; Lunds universitet.; Lund University.; [2015]

    Abstract : Zintl compounds form a category in intermetallic chemistry somewhere between metallic and ionic compounds. Classical Zintl compounds form between electropositive and electronegative elements, such as the alkaline earth metals and the p-block elements, i.e. elements with a relatively large electronegativity difference. READ MORE

  2. 2. On the practice of queuing and new forms of interaction

    University dissertation from Karlskrona : Blekinge Institute of Technology

    Author : Isa Hardemo; Blekinge Tekniska Högskola.; [2006]
    Keywords : SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; Interaction design; queuing aids; design space; flexible queuing;

    Abstract : The practice of queuing is a daily experience for most of us and it is usually difficult to combine it with other activities. This indicates that people involved in the act of queuing become a bit too occupied with maintaining one's position in the queue. READ MORE

  3. 3. Cellular immune responses against human parvovirus B19 infection

    University dissertation from Stockholm : Karolinska Institutet, Department of Medicine

    Author : Adiba Isa; Karolinska Institutet.; Karolinska Institutet.; [2006]
    Keywords : MEDICIN OCH HÄLSOVETENSKAP; MEDICAL AND HEALTH SCIENCES; Human Parvovirus B19; acute infection; persistent infection; CD8 T-cell; peptide-MHC tetrameric complexes; interferon gamma; cytokines;

    Abstract : The role of cellular immune responses in the control of Parvovirus B19 (B19) infection has not previously been investigated. B19 does not normally cause severe clinical problems but complications may arise in immunosuppressed patients and pregnant women. READ MORE

  4. 4. Cardiovascular beta-adrenergic signaling Maturation and programming effects of hypoxia in a chicken model

    University dissertation from Linköping : Linköping University Electronic Press

    Author : Isa Lindgren; Linköpings universitet.; Linköpings universitet.; [2010]

    Abstract : Despite the importance of β-adrenergic receptors (βARs) in cardiovascular disease, not much is known about how prenatal hypoxia effects βAR signaling in the postnatal animal. Thus, the aim of this thesis was to characterize the pre- and postnatal maturation of the cardiovascular βARs and the effects of chronic prenatal hypoxia on βAR signaling in the embryo and adult animal using the chicken as experimental model. READ MORE

  5. 5. Executive expectation in the internationalization process of banks The study of two Swedish banks foreign activities

    University dissertation from Uppsala : Företagsekonomiska institutionen

    Author : Annoch Isa Hadjikhani; Uppsala universitet.; [2016]
    Keywords : SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; expectation; executive; internationalization; banks; knowledge; commitment; Business Studies; Företagsekonomi;

    Abstract : Since the late 1980s, deregulation of the banking sector has opened new avenues for the internationalization of banks. There are, however, few studies on the internationalization of banks – particularly Swedish banks. READ MORE