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  1. 1. Functions of REP27 and the low molecular weight proteins PsbX and PsbW in repair and assembly of photosystem II

    Author : Jose Gines Garcia Cerdan; Umeå universitet.; [2009]
    Keywords : Photosynthesis; photosystem II reaction center; PSII-LHCII supercomplex; antisense plant; T-DNA knockout plant; auxiliary protein; Biochemistry; biokemi;

    Abstract :   Oxygenic photosynthesis is the major producer of both oxygen and organic compounds on earth and takes place in plants, green algae and cyanobacteria. The thylakoid membranes are the site of the photosynthetic light reactions that involve the concerted action of four major protein complexes known as photosystem II (PSII), cytochrome b6f complex, ATP synthase and photosystem I (PSI). READ MORE