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  1. 1. Synthesis and application of β-configured [18/19F]FDGs Novel prosthetic CuAAC click chemistry fluoroglycosylation tools for amyloid PET imaging and cancer theranostics

    University dissertation from Linköping : Linköping University Electronic Press

    Author : Mathias Elgland; Linköpings universitet.; Linköpings universitet.; [2018]
    Keywords : NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; FDG; clickable; PET; synthesis; in vivo imaging; theranostics;

    Abstract : Positron emission tomography (PET) is a non-invasive imaging method that renders three-dimensional images of tissue that selectively has taken up a radiolabelled organic compound, referred to as a radiotracer. This excellent technique provides clinicians with a tool to monitor disease progression and to evaluate how the patient respond to treatment. READ MORE