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  1. 1. Internal magnetic properties in rare earth metals and compounds

    Author : Mikael Ekström; Uppsala universitet; []
    Keywords : NATURAL SCIENCES; NATURVETENSKAP; Physics; Fysik; Physics; Fysik; fysik; Physics;

    Abstract : In gadolinium the pressure dependence of the local field has been studied. Applied field up to 0.6 GPa have a very strong influence on the local muon fields. READ MORE

  2. 2. SiC CMOS and memory devices for high-temperature integrated circuits

    Author : Mattias Ekström; Carl-Mikael Zetterling; B. Gunnar Malm; Tobias Erlbacher; KTH; []
    Keywords : ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER; bismuth titanate Bi4Ti3O12 ; CMOS; ferroelectric capacitor; field oxide; inverter; metallisation; metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor MOSFET ; ohmic contacts; ring oscillator; semiconductor processing; silicon carbide 4H-SiC ; CMOS; ferroelektrisk kondensator; fältoxid; halvledartillverkning; inverterare; kiselkarbid 4H-SiC ; metallisering; MOSFET; ohmska kontakter; ringoscillator; vismuttitanat Bi4Ti3O12 ; Informations- och kommunikationsteknik; Information and Communication Technology;

    Abstract : High-temperature electronics find use in extreme environments, like data logging in downhole drilling for geothermal energy production, inside of high-temperature turbines, industrial gas sensors and space electronics. The simplest systems use a sensor and a transmitter, but more advance electronic systems would additionally require a microcontroller with memory. READ MORE

  3. 3. Embedded high-resolution stereo-vision of high frame-rate and low latency through FPGA-acceleration

    Author : Carl Ahlberg; Mikael Ekström; Ignacio Bravo Munoz; Mälardalens högskola; []
    Keywords : NATURAL SCIENCES; NATURVETENSKAP; NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; Computer vision; stereo vision; FPGA; embedded systems; Computer Science; datavetenskap;

    Abstract : Autonomous agents rely on information from the surrounding environment to act upon. In the array of sensors available, the image sensor is perhaps the most versatile, allowing for detection of colour, size, shape, and depth. For the latter, in a dynamic environment, assuming no a priori knowledge, stereo vision is a commonly adopted technique. READ MORE

  4. 4. Enabling a Robot for Underwater Surface Cleaning

    Author : Houssam Albitar; Amy Loutfi; Anani Ananiev; Mikael Ekström; Örebro universitet; []
    Keywords : ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY; underwater robot; underwater cleaning; biofouling; adhesion; locomotion; stability; Reglerteknik; Automatic Control;

    Abstract : Biofouling build-up on submerged structures such as ships, petroleum and gas storage tanks, electric power plants, bridges, oil rigs etc. is a major problem that affects the surface material of the structure, the eventual hydrodynamic quality of the surface and in some cases the efficacy of cooling systems. READ MORE

  5. 5. Enabling Surface Cleaning Robot for Large Food Silo

    Author : Kinan Dandan; Amy Loutfi; Lars Karlsson; Mikael Ekström; Örebro universitet; []
    Keywords : NATURAL SCIENCES; NATURVETENSKAP; NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; Confined space; surface cleaning robot; motion control; static and dynamic analysis;

    Abstract : Working conditions in the dry cleaning and sanitation of confined interior spaces are often extreme, and workers need overall protection with tight clothing, helmets, face mask, earmuffs, and respirators. The environment is dirty, noisy with bad visibility and heavy with a high static work load. READ MORE