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  1. 1. The Microvasculature of Endogenous and Transplanted Pancreatic Islets : Blood Perfusion, Oxygenation and Islet Endocrine Function

    Author : Richard Olsson; Per-Ola Carlsson; Leif Jansson; Arne Andersson; Thomas Linn; Uppsala universitet; []
    Keywords : Cell biology; diabetes mellitus; pancreatic islets; islet transplantation; vascular engraftment; islet microcirculation; oxygenation; blood flow; protein biosynthesis; Cellbiologi;

    Abstract : Type 1 diabetes mellitus affects millions of people worldwide. Islet transplantation is a minimal invasive surgical procedure that restores euglycemia and halts the progression of diabetic complications. However, despite transplantation of islets from multiple donors most patients reverse to hyperglycemia within five years. READ MORE