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  1. 1. Odour Communication in Pieris Butterflies

    Author : Johan Andersson; KTH; []
    Keywords : Pieris; sexual selection; pheromones; methyl salicylate; indole; benzyl cyanide; solid-phase micro extraction;

    Abstract : .... READ MORE

  2. 2. Pheromone production in the butterfly Pieris napi L

    Author : Rushana Murtazina; Raimondas Mozuraitis; Joop van Loon; KTH; []
    Keywords : Pieris; Lepidoptera; pheromone; aphrodisiaca; antiaphrodisiaca; biosynthesis; flower volatiles; stable isotopes; incorporation; neral; geranial; methyl salicylate; benzyl cyanide; L - phenylalanine;

    Abstract : Aphrodisiac and anti-aphrodisiac pheromone production and composition in the green-veined white butterfly Pieris napi L. were investigated.Aphrodisiac pheromone biosynthesis had different time constraints in butterflies from the diapausing and directly developing generations. READ MORE

  3. 3. Isotopes as Mechanism Spies : Nucleophilic Bimolecular Substitution and Monoamine Oxidase B Catalysed Amine Oxidation Probed with Heavy Atom Kinetic Isotope Effects

    Author : Susanna MacMillar; Olle Matsson; Anita Hussénius; Daniel M. Quinn; Uppsala universitet; []
    Keywords : Organic chemistry; nucleophilic bimolecular substitution SN2; kinetic isotope effects; precision conductometry; monoamine oxidase B MAO B; reaction mechanism; carbon 11C 14C kinetic isotope effect; ion pairing triple-ion formation; para-substituted benzyl chlorides; tetrabytylammonium cyanide; Organisk kemi;

    Abstract : This thesis concerns the study of reaction mechanisms by means of kinetic isotope effects (KIEs). Studies of the nucleophilic bimolecular substitution (SN2) reaction had the dual purpose of improving our fundamental understanding of molecular reactivity and assessing the ability of kinetic isotope effects to serve as mechanistic tools. READ MORE