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  1. 1. Regulatory tools for managing chemicals risk at the workplace

    Author : Qian Ding; Sven Ove Hansson; Maria Albin; KTH; []
    Keywords : MEDICAL AND HEALTH SCIENCES; MEDICIN OCH HÄLSOVETENSKAP; MEDICIN OCH HÄLSOVETENSKAP; MEDICAL AND HEALTH SCIENCES; Occupational Diseases; Chemicals; Carcinogens; Risk Management; Regulatory Toxicology; Occupational Exposure Limits; Chemicals Legislations; Risk Assessment; Acceptable Risk;

    Abstract : This thesis focuses on exacerbating chemicals risk in workplaces under the background of rapid industrialization in developing countries. The overall aim is to investigate the development of regulatory tools which aim at minimizing the health risks from chemical substances in the workplace. READ MORE

  2. 2. Computational Ecotoxicology

    Author : Sergio Manzetti; David Van der Spoel; Janez Mavri; Uppsala universitet; []
    Keywords : NATURAL SCIENCES; NATURVETENSKAP; NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; pollution; modeling; molecular; carcinogens; nanoparticles; quantum; chemistry; Chemistry with Specialisation in Theoretical Chemistry; Kemi med inriktning mot teoretisk kemi; Kemi med inriktning mot kvantkemi; Chemistry with specialization in Quantum Chemistry;

    Abstract : Human society has progressed by polluting ecosystems since the early industrial revolution. Thus, large amounts of harmful chemical compounds have been dispersed in soils, seas, groundwaters and wildlife habitats, leading to a persistent toxicological load on the environment. READ MORE

  3. 3. Identification and origin of potential background carcinogens : endogenous isoprene and oxiranes, dietary acrylamide

    Author : Eden Tareke; Rafter Joseph; Stockholms universitet; []
    Keywords : NATURAL SCIENCES; NATURVETENSKAP; NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; Environmental chemistry; Miljökemi; Environmental Chemistry; miljökemi;

    Abstract : The primary aims of this thesis are to discover carcinogens in the general population by identification of products of reaction with hemoglobin (Hb adducts) in blood from humans without known exposure, and tracing the origin of the adducts. Chemicals and/or their metabolites forming Hb adducts mostly also react with DNA and may thus cause mutations, a key event in carcinogenesis. READ MORE

  4. 4. DNA adducts as biomarkers of exposure to some dietary carcinogens

    Author : Tina Jurén; Karolinska Institutet; Karolinska Institutet; []

    Abstract : Humans are exposed to many chemicals via intake of food and drink and there are strong associations between dietary factors and cancer. Exposure to the dietary carcinogens acrylamide and acetaldehyde are potential health risks that have made the headlines. High levels of acrylamide are found in various food items, such as potato chips. READ MORE

  5. 5. Monitoring and cancer risk assessment of carcinogens, particularly alkenes in urban air

    Author : Margareta Törnqvist; Stockholms universitet; []
    Keywords : ;

    Abstract : .... READ MORE