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  1. 1. Bioactive Compounds in the Chemical Defence of Marine Sponges : Structure-Activity Relationships and Pharmacological Targets

    Author : Erik Hedner; Lars Bohlin; Per R Jonsson; Raffaele Riccio; Uppsala universitet; []
    Keywords : Pharmacognosy; 5-hydroxytryptamine; agelasine; agelasimine; antibacterial; antifouling; barettin; bromobenzisoxazolone barettin; cytotoxic; marine; secondary metabolite; sponge; Farmakognosi; Agelas; Geodia barretti;

    Abstract : Marine invertebrates, in particular sponges, represent a source of a wide range of secondary metabolites, many of which have been attributed various defensive capabilities against environmental stress factors. In this thesis sponge-derived low-molecular peptide-like compounds and associated analogs are investigated for bioactivity and pharmacological targets. READ MORE