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  1. 1. The Acquisition of Russian in a Language Contact Situation A Case Study of a Bilingual Child in Sweden

    University dissertation from Stockholm : Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis

    Author : Natalia Ringblom; Stockholms universitet.; [2012]
    Keywords : HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; Language acquisition; childhood bilingualism; bilingual first language acquisition; language contact; language separation; input; dominance; mother tongue; Russian; Swedish; weaker language; Sweden; slaviska språk; Slavic Languages;

    Abstract : This case study investigates the acquisition of Russian in a language contact situation. It examines a simultaneous Swedish-Russian bilingual child born and raised in Sweden. Qualitative analysis is provided from age 1;4 to 8;5 focusing especially on the earliest stages (before the end of the critical period at 4;5). READ MORE

  2. 2. An Aesthetics of Resistance: : The Open-Ended Practice of Language Writing

    University dissertation from Uppsala : Avdelningen för estetik

    Author : Åsa Arketeg; Uppsala universitet.; [2007]
    Keywords : HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; Humanities and religion; language writing; the l=a=n=g=u=a=g=e journal; Bruce Andrews; Charles Bernstein; Lyn Hejinian; Ron Silliman; open-ended; language; writing; poetry; poetics; construction; theory; practice; separation; aesthetics; resistance; self-reflexion; avant-garde discourse; postmodernism; society; poststructuralism; critical theory; estetik; HUMANIORA OCH RELIGIONSVETENSKAP;

    Abstract : This dissertation investigates the relation between poetry and theory in the poetic practice of language writing. The topic is approached from the idea that language writing takes place in the tension of an open-ended state. READ MORE

  3. 3. Open-Loop Optimal Control of Chromatographic Separation Processes

    University dissertation from Department of Chemical Engineering, Lund University

    Author : Anton Sellberg; Lund University.; Lunds universitet.; [2018-05-04]
    Keywords : TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY; Chromatography; Modelling; Optimal Control; Parameter Estimation;

    Abstract : Chromatography is an important separation process for several industries due to its ability to separate components with similar physical properties, which are difficult to separate otherwise. This method may also give high product purity, which is necessary for production of biopharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. READ MORE

  4. 4. Passage to a new wor(l)d : Exile and restoration in Mahmoud Darwish's writings 1960-1995

    University dissertation from Uppsala : Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis

    Author : Anette Månsson; Uppsala universitet.; [2003]
    Keywords : HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; Arabic language; Mahmoud Darwish; Palestinian literature; Exile and literature; Biblical motives in literature; Rite of passage; Arabiska; HUMANITIES and RELIGION Languages and linguistics Other languages Arabic language; HUMANIORA och RELIGIONSVETENSKAP Språkvetenskap Övriga språk Arabiska; semitiska språk; Semitic Languages;

    Abstract : This study focuses on developments of the exile motive in the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish’s writings 1960-1995. The sources consist primarily of Darwish’s diwans of poetry and articles published in literary magazines. READ MORE

  5. 5. Perceptually motivated speech recognition and mispronunciation detection

    University dissertation from Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology

    Author : Christos Koniaris; KTH.; [2012]
    Keywords : NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY; NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; feature extraction; feature selection; auditory models; MFCCs; speech recognition; distortion measures; perturbation analysis; psychoacoustics; human perception; sensitivity matrix; pronunciation error detection; phoneme; second language; perceptual assessment;

    Abstract : This doctoral thesis is the result of a research effort performed in two fields of speech technology, i.e., speech recognition and mispronunciation detection. Although the two areas are clearly distinguishable, the proposed approaches share a common hypothesis based on psychoacoustic processing of speech signals. READ MORE