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  1. 1. The Art of Repeating Oneself : Migratory self-adaptation: media transformation and authorship in Persepolis and The Patience Stone

    Author : Nafiseh Mousavi; Liviu Lutas; Karin Kukkonen; Rossholm Anna Sofia; Moira Inghilleri; Jens Schröter; Jan-Noël Thon; Golnar Nabizadeh; Linnéuniversitetet; []
    Keywords : HUMANITIES; HUMANIORA; HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; migration; authorship; migrant author; adaptation; self-adaptation; intermediality; media transformation; mediasphere; border; transfer; translation; translingualism; memory; Comparative literature; Litteraturvetenskap; Franska med litteraturvetenskaplig inriktning; French literature; Film Studies; Filmvetenskap;

    Abstract : This thesis studies the process and products of migratory self-adaptation: the practice of a migrant author recreating their own work in a new medium, and the baggage it brings with itself. Migratory self-adaptation is developed and analyzed in this research through a comparative and processual analysis of two cases of adaptation: Persepolis, a French autobiographical graphic novel written and drawn by Marjane Satrapi, the Franco- Iranian artist and writer, later turned into an animation movie co-written and codirected by Satrapi herself; and The Patience Stone, a novel written in French by Atiq Rahimi, the Franco-Afghan author, which is adapted to a homonymous film in Dari- Persian, co-written and directed by the author. READ MORE

  2. 2. About being (t)here and making a difference : Black women and the paradox of visibility

    Author : Pauline Stoltz; Statsvetenskapliga institutionen; []
    Keywords : SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; Politisk makt och demokrati; Politisk teori och metod; Politisk makt och demokrati; Politisk teori och metod;

    Abstract : Feminists, like many others, want to make a difference. They are interested in social change. They are especially interested in the ways this concerns the position of women in our societies. In order to accomplish this, the different actors within the women’s movements of Europe must be present in the political arenas where decisions are made. READ MORE

  3. 3. Studies in the Transformation of Post-Soviet Cities : Case Studies from Kazakhstan

    Author : Michael Gentile; Jan Öhman; Örjan Sjöberg; Thomas Lundén; Uppsala universitet; []
    Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; Social and economic geography; Kazakhstan; former Soviet Union; urbanisation; survey method; post-Soviet cities; residential preferences; socio-spatial differentiation; Kulturgeografi; Human geography; Kulturgeografi;

    Abstract : Since the demise of central planning, post-Soviet cities have found themselves operating in a radically different economic climate. Contrary to the situation during the Soviet époque, market relations and the urban economy's adjustment thereto constitute the reality which urbanites face in their daily lives. READ MORE

  4. 4. Roots and Routes : Life stories of exiled Hungarian women in Sweden

    Author : Katalin Henriksson; Språk- och litteraturcentrum; []
    Keywords : HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; Hungarian; Hungarian Minorities; Hungarianness; Migration; Mobility; Narratives; Narrations; Life stories; Membership Category; Category Entitlement; Identifications; Ethnic Identification; Culture; Doing Gender;

    Abstract : This dissertation analyses the narrated life stories of Swedish Hungarian women, sharing the numerous values and experiences of Hungarian exiles. With the help of interview transcripts of five women from the first generation of Hungarians living in exile in southern Sweden, the study presents seldom-discussed angles of ascertained membership in the Hungarian nation, moving beyond traditional definitions of ethnic belonging, official census figures, and organizational categorizations. READ MORE