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  1. 1. Pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum epidemiology and outcome in children born in Sweden 1980-1999

    Author : Britt-Marie Ekman-Joelsson; Göteborgs universitet; []
    Keywords : pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum; ventriculo coronary arterial communications; biventricular repair; univentricular palliation; myocardial perfusion; myocardial function; cardiopulmonary exercise; lung function; quality of life; mortality; outcome;

    Abstract : Aims: To describe children born with pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum (PA-IVS) in Sweden between 1980 and 1999, the incidence and outcome of PA-IVS, to examine cardio-pulmonary outcomes in survivors and to evaluate their quality of life. Material and methods: Eighty-four subjects were identified. READ MORE

  2. 2. Development of a Mobile Tomographic Gamma Camera Based on Ectomography - Cardiotom

    Author : Mikael Persson; KTH; []
    Keywords : acute studies; myocardial infarction; scintigraphy; mobile gamma camera; tomography;

    Abstract : Successful treatment of myocardial infarction requires anearly and accurate diagnosis. Recent studies have shown thatacute myocardial scintigraphy has a high predictive value forprognosis of myocardial events. Three dimensional (3D)perfusion data obtained with SPECT are however very rare in theemergency department (ED). READ MORE

  3. 3. Infarct size and myocardial function : A methodological study

    Author : Lene Rosendahl; Jan Engvall; Thor Edvardsen; Linköpings universitet; []
    Keywords : MEDICINE; MEDICIN;

    Abstract : The size of a myocardial infarction (MI) and the concurrent effect on left ventricular (LV) function are essential for decisions regarding patient care and treatment. Images produced with the late gadolinium enhancement (LGE) technique visualize the scar with high spatial resolution. READ MORE

  4. 4. Improved Interpretation of Myocardial Perfusion Images by Artificial Neural Networks

    Author : Kristina Tägil; Institutionen för translationell medicin; []

    Abstract : Correct interpretation of medical imaging is based upon the interpreter’s experience and image quality. Depending on the report given the clinician decides how to use the result of the study. READ MORE

  5. 5. Risk assessment in patients with acute myocardial infarction treated with thrombolysis

    Author : Bassem Abdel Samad; Karolinska Institutet; Karolinska Institutet; []
    Keywords : echocardiography; exercise stress test; heart rate variability; Holter recording; low-dose dobutamine echocardiography; myocardial infarction; myocardial perfusion scintigraphy; myocardial viability; prognosis; thrombolysis.;

    Abstract : Risk stratification in patients with acute myocardial infarction is essential for guiding the clinical decision concerning management. Thrombolytic therapy and other new management policies have led to a significant reduction in mortality from myocardial infarction. READ MORE