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  1. 1. Microstructure Formation During Solidification and Solid State Transformation in Compacted Graphite Iron

    Author : Mathias König; Magnus Wessén; Ingvar L. Svensson; Jorge Sikora; Jönköping University; []
    Keywords : Cast Iron; CGI; Microstructure Formation; Mechanical Properties; Modelling; Solidification; Solid State Transformation;

    Abstract : Compacted graphite iron (CGI) is rapidly becoming an attractive alternative material for engine components in the automotive industry, replacing lamellar graphite iron (LGI) in applications where high mechanical strength is desired. However, the gain in mechanical strength comes with a cost; thermal conductivity, process control and machining are three areas that are more challenging for CGI. READ MORE

  2. 2. Heat transfer phenomena and mould flux lubrication in continuous casting of steel

    Author : Akira Yamauchi; KTH; []
    Keywords : Heat Transfer; Thermal Conductivity; Contact Resistance; Mould Flux; Solidification; Lubrication; Infiltration; Friction; Shear Stress; Modeling; Crystallization; Rupture Strength; Solidus; High-Speed Casting; Viscosity; Elasticity; Uniform Cooling;

    Abstract : Overall thermal resistance of the mould flux was measured tomake clear the influence of the mould flux properties on theheat transfer behavior in continuous casting, especiallythermal conductivity and the formation of air gaps in thisstudy. From the investigation of the effect of the mouldsurface temperature and physical properties of the mould fluxon heat transfer through the flux film, following knowledge hasbeen obtained. READ MORE

  3. 3. Phase-field modeling of diffusion controlled phase transformations

    Author : Irina Loginova; KTH; []
    Keywords : phase-field; dendritic growth; grain boundary; Widmanstaetten plate; solidification;

    Abstract : Diffusion controlled phase transformations are studied bymeans of the phase-field method. Morphological evolution ofdendrites, grains and Widmanst\"atten plates is modeled andsimulated.Growth of dendrites into highly supersaturated liquids ismodeled for binary alloy solidification. READ MORE

  4. 4. The role of primary austenite morphology in cast iron

    Author : Juan Carlos Hernando; Attila Diószegi; Arne Dahle; Jessica Elfsberg; Roberto Boeri; Jönköping University; []
    Keywords : ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER; Solidification; Cast Iron; Primary Austenite; Microstructure Evolution; Coarsening; LGI; CGI; SGI; UTS; stelning; gjutjärn; primär austenit; mikrostrukturbildning; förgrovning; LGI; CGI; SGI; UTS;

    Abstract : Automotive industry products portfolio includes a wide variety of complex-shaped cast iron products, such as truck engine components. Urged by strict environmental regulations on emissions, these components constantly need to combine higher demands on performance with lighter designs. READ MORE

  5. 5. Numerical simulation of dendritic solidification using a phase field model

    Author : Christer Andersson; KTH; []
    Keywords : ;

    Abstract : .... READ MORE