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  1. 1. The use of highway crossings to maintain landscape connectivity for moose and roe deer

    University dissertation from Fakulteten för samhälls- och livsvetenskaper

    Author : Mattias Olsson; Per Widén; Anthony Clevenger; [2007]
    Keywords : NATURVETENSKAP; NATURAL SCIENCES; wildlife crossings; Barrier effect; habitat selection; ecoduct; moose; roe deer; connectivity; conservation; overpass; underpass; highway; exclusion fencing; NATURAL SCIENCES Biology; NATURVETENSKAP Biologi; Biology; Biologi;

    Abstract : Increasingly wildlife managers and land managers are challenged to maintain the viability and connectivity among large mammal populations. Thus, it is important that effective highway crossings are identified and optimized with respect to construction cost, facilitation of ungulate movements, and ability to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions. READ MORE