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  1. 1. What is a life worth? : methodological issues in estimating the value of a statistical life

    Author : Mikael Svensson; Lars Hultkrantz; Magnus Johannesson; Örebro universitet; []
    Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; Value of a statistical life; scale bias; cognitive ability; hypothetical bias; cost-benefit analysis; calibration; certainty approach; attitude theory; seat belt use; bicycle helmet use; altruism; mortality rates; acute myocardial infarction; unemployment.; Economics; Nationalekonomi; Economics; Nationalekonomi;

    Abstract : This thesis addresses methodological issues in estimating the value of a statistical life (VSL). Two main approaches have been used to estimate the VSL, the indirect and direct methods; the indirect method is based on revealed preferences, such as the wage premium demanded for a risky job. READ MORE

  2. 2. Toward an Understanding of Abuse in Health Care : A Female Patient Perspective

    Author : A. Jelmer Brüggemann; Katarina Swahnberg; Barbro Wijma; Ingemar Åkerlind; Linköpings universitet; []
    Keywords : ;

    Abstract : Background. High numbers of incidents of abuse in health care (AHC) have been reported by patients in Sweden. In questionnaire studies (n=9600), every fifth Swedish woman and every tenth Swedish man reported any lifetime experience of AHC, and a majority reported suffering from their experiences. READ MORE

  3. 3. What Counts as Religion in Sociology? : The Problem of Religiosity in Sociological Methodology

    Author : Erika Willander; Sandra Torres; Jørgen Straarup; Sverker Sikström; James A Beckford; Uppsala universitet; []
    Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; sociology of religion; theory and method; religious affiliation; religious beliefs; religious practice; religious mainstream; sacred; religiosity; spirituality; secularization; Sweden; Sociologi; Sociology;

    Abstract : This thesis aims to contribute to the ongoing critical discussion within the sociology of religion by focusing on the seldom considered perspective of methodology. As such, it consists of a theoretical part that problematizes the ways in which religion has been analyzed, and an empirical part that develops how religiosity can be approached in sociological studies. READ MORE

  4. 4. A model of contextual factors and inter-organizational integration : A Ground Theory study of two supply chains

    Author : Hana Hulthén; Dag Näslund; Helena Forslund; Teknisk logistik; []
    Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY; Inter-organizational integration; contingency theory; grounded theory; contextual factors; Logistics; Logistik; Logistics; Logistik; supply chain integration; inter-organizational integration; structural contingency theory; fit;

    Abstract : The purpose of this thesis is to contribute to understanding of the effect of organizational context on supply chain integration. One result is a context- based model that can provide support for practitioners regarding what level of integration to establish with suppliers and customers. READ MORE

  5. 5. It's who you know and what you know : exploring the relationship between education and prejudice in adolescence

    Author : Lena Werner; Mikael Hjerm; Ingemar Johansson Sevä; Maureen A. Eger; Pieter Bevelander; Umeå universitet; []
    Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; anti-immigrant attitudes; education; critical thinking; multicultural education; teacher qualification; intergroup contact theory; secondary transfer effects; friendship; Sociology; sociologi;

    Abstract : Background: Previous studies have consistently identified an association between higher levels of education and lower levels of anti-immigrant sentiment, but the underlying reasons for this relationship remain unclear. Therefore, this research aims to help explain why education matters for attitudes toward immigrants. READ MORE