Managing Resource Usage and Allocations in Multi-Cluster Clouds

University dissertation from Umeå : Umeå universitet

Abstract:  The emergence of large-scale Internet services has fueled a trend toward large-scale systems composed of geographically distributed clusters. Managing resource allocations and resource usage is an important task for such services.Resource allocations and resource usage management mechanisms for services running across clusters play vital roles in the performance of the entire system, economical sustainability of the provider, and level of customers satisfaction provided by the system. However, when providing the utmost customer satisfaction the service provider ought to make sure not to over-commit resources beyond the agreed limit between the customer and the provider. Moreover, statistics of resources consumed by different services should be monitored and collected using an efficient mechanism with minimal overhead and interference on the system and the services. Thus, resource usage collection and allocations mechanisms should impose economical constraints to both sides, the customer and the cloud provider.This thesis focuses on decentralized resource allocation and resource usage management for services running in multi cluster environments. Theoretical as well as experimental results indicate that our proposed approaches provide efficient management of resources for services running in a large-scale geographically distributed systems.