Efficient Resource Management for Many-Core based Industrial Real-Time Systems

University dissertation from Västerås : Mälardalen University

Abstract: The increased complexity of today’s industrial embedded systems stands inneed for more computational power while most systems must adhere to a restrictedenergy consumption, either to prolong the battery lifetime or to reduceoperational costs. The many-core processor is therefore a natural fit. Due tothe simple architecture of the compute cores, and therefore their good analyzability,such processors are additionally well suited for real-time applications.In our research, we focus on two particular problems which need to be addressedin order to pave the way into the many-core era. The first area is powerand thermal aware execution frameworks, where we present different energyaware extensions to well known load balancing algorithms, allowing them todynamically scale the number of active cores depending on their workload.In contrast, an additional framework is presented which balances workloadsto minimize temperature gradients on the die. The second line of works focuseson industrial standards in the face of massively parallel platforms, wherewe address the automotive and automation domain. We present an executionframework for IEC 61131-3 applications, allowing the consolidation of severalIEC 61131-3 applications on the same platform. Additionally, we discussseveral architectural options for the AUTOSAR software architecture on suchmassively parallel platforms.