Towards Intent-Driven Systems Based on Context Frames

Abstract: In this research project we investigate how machine actors can support the business intents (desired outcomes) of an enterprise via predictive execution flows, prescriptive execution flows, and bidirectional knowledge creation between human actors and machine actors. A context frame supports bidirectional knowledge creation via interventions and counterfactual analysis. An intent-driven system combines execution flows to obtain business intents, and a context frame is a component in these flows. Our aim is to develop theoretical frameworks supporting intent-driven systems and context frames, and to validate the components needed to realize such frame- works. We are using the design science framework as our research framework. During our design science study we have used the following research methods: systematic literature review, case study, quasi experiment, action research, and evaluation research. We have created theoretical frameworks supporting intent-driven systems, and context frames, and implemented needed functionality in the involved components. The framework supports knowledge creation and knowledge validation. The possibility of using the knowledge for predictive analysis, prescriptive analysis, and counterfactual analysis, makes it possible to obtain bidirectional knowledge creation between a human actor and a machine actor. This enables a context frame to be part of an intent-driven system which supports predictive, and prescriptive, executions flows. The produced artifacts provide answers to our research questions. These answers are a base for theoretical frameworks supporting intent-driven systems and context frames, and provide knowledge of how to construct the components needed to realize these frameworks.