University dissertation from Stockholm : Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: How do pop musicians manage on fields of tension between Homo Economicus and Homo Creatus? How do they organize themselves and their worlds combining creativity and commerce? This way of addressing the question assumes pop to be performed on a borderline between culture and commerce. Pop musicians´ comments do however not support the much favoured idea of art and business as dichotomous forces. They rather reveal an indeterminate interrelatedness that attracts and affects. Do dualisms get stuck in “either-or” and “right-or-wrong” positions unfit to understand the social events pop artists both shape and get defined by? Do dichotomies obstruct creative inventions while a “this-and-that” attitude preconditions lines of flight and forces of invention more suited to a pop existence?Trying to grasp how pop musicians cope with organizing, creating, marketing, financing and managing means confronting a complex muddle of continuous unravelling, disentangling and elucidating social spaces. Pop manages expression and money, both individually and collectively, whilst organizing with others that may or may not share their inspirations and ideas. In this a-dichotomous attempt to understand the potentialities of pop, both Homo Economicus and Homo Creatus fade away leaving the stage to Homo Intermezzo - a nomad navigating on vague fields in constant flow.

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