Postproduction Agents : Audiovisual Design and Contemporary Constraints for Creativity

University dissertation from Västerås : Mälardalen University

Abstract: Moving images and sounds are processed creatively after they have been recorded or computer generated. These processes consists of design activities carried out by workers that hold ‘agency’ through the crafts they exercise, because these crafts are defined by the Moving Image Industry and are employed in practically the same way regardless of company.This thesis explores what material constraints there are for such creativity in contemporary Swedish professional moving image postproduction. The central aspects concern digital material, workflow and design work as distributed activities. These aspects are coupled to production quality and efficiency at the postproduction companies where production takes place.The central concept developed in this thesis is ‘creative space’ which links quality and efficiency in moving image production to time for creativity, capacity of computer tools, user skills and constitution of digital moving image material. Creative spaces are inhabited by design agents, and might expand or shrink due to material factors. Those changes are coupled to parallel changes in quality and efficiency.

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