Wave Powered Desalination

University dissertation from Uppsala : Uppsala universitet

Abstract: The aim of this licentiate thesis is to investigate opportunities to produce fresh-water and electricity using marine renewable energy sources, such as wave power and marine current power, for water scarce areas. It summarizes the ongoing work within the field and suggests some possibilities of future re-search. Specifically, the desalination process reverse osmosis has been dis-cussed in combination with the wave energy concept designed at Uppsala Uni-versity for a site by the Kenyan coast. A review on wave powered desalination systems was presented, and the wave climate of the Kenyan coast was reana-lyzed and discussed with respect to the wave power and desalination applica-tion. Also, the magnetic circuit of the linear generator was investigated, as well as the control of the system, to enhance its sustainability. Moreover, the marine current energy converter designed at Uppsala University was investi-gated for desalination purposes. Only literature studies and simulations were performed, and the research would benefit from experimental work.

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