Network Programming Applied too Operation Planning of Hydrothermal Power Systems

Abstract: The objective of the project was to develop models and methods suitable for computer implementation. In particular, this work has been devoted to generation scheduling of a power system with a sizeable amount. of hydro energy. Optimal operation planning of hydrothermal power systems aims at minimizing incurred production costs while supplying customer de­mand. The planning horizon may vary from one day to several years and the associated planning problems are categorized as short term, seasonal and long term operation planning. The topic of this thesis is short term operation planning.In this planning, it is necessary to use detailed models of the different parts of the power system. These include models of cas­caded reservoirs in a multi-river system as we11 as a representa­tion of the nonlinear generating characteristics of the hydro plants.he thermal generating units are modelled using linear production cost curves and by recognizing various technical constraints asso­ciated with the operation of these plants.Effects on the optimal operating strategy caused by interregional transmission capacity limitations are also accounted for by the model. These constraints are modelled to main1y affect the hydro plant operation.