Going Green : A Study of Public Procurement Regulation

Abstract: In Sociology of Law the discussions about regulation have been extensive and the issue of public procurement is gaining momentum as its true financial value and potential to impact markets are realised. This thesis aims to look at the regulation of green public procurement (GPP) by analysing findings from an in-depth case study in a Swedish context, using interviews with procurement officers as well as analyses of court cases. The thesis highlights relevant findings to discuss the regulatory context of GPP in terms of norms and to analyse it in terms of legal rationalities. Empirical results are presented in the appended articles illustrating some of the elements of public procurement and GPP. A model for studying and analysing the findings is developed using norms and legal rationalities and is subsequently applied using empirical findings presented in the articles. The final chapter highlights the findings of what structure the regulation takes in order to cope with the infusion of green into public procurement – a mixed system of legal rationalities allowing for the generation of necessary knowledge to compensate for cognitive limitations.