Electrolyte : Semiconductor Combinations for Organic Electronic Devices

University dissertation from Linköping : Linköping University Electronic Press

Abstract: The discovery of semi-conducting organic materials has opened new possibilities for electronic devices and systems because of their solution processibility, lightweight and flexibility compared to inorganic semiconductors. The combination of semiconductors with electrolytes, and more especially organic semiconductors and solid electrolytes has attracted the attention of researchers because of the multiple phenomena originating from the simultaneous motion of electrons and ions.This thesis deals with organic-based devices whose working mechanism involves electrolytes. By measuring electrochromism induced by the field in isolated segments of conjugated polymer films, which is in contact with an electrolyte, the direction and the magnitude of the electric field along an electrolyte is quantified (paper I). In addition, using a polyanionic proton conductor in organic field-effect transistor (OFET) as gate dielectric results in low operation voltage and fast response thanks to the high capacitance of the electric double layer (EDLC) that is formed at organic semiconductor/ polyelectrolyte interface (paper III). Because an electrolyte is used as a gate insulator, the effect of the ionic currents on the performance of an EDLC-OFET has been investigated by varying the relative humidity of the device ambience (paper IV). Since the EDLC-OFET and the electrochromic display cell both are operated at low voltages, the transistor has been monolithically integrated with an electrochromic pixel, i.e. combining a solid state device and an electrochemical device (paper V). Further, a theoretical study of the electrostatic potential within a so called pen-heterojunction made up of two semi-infinite, doped semiconductor media separated by an electrolyte region is reported (paper II).

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