Principled Flow Tracking in IoT and Low-Level Applications

Abstract: Significant fractions of our lives are spent digitally, connected to and dependent on Internet-based applications, be it through the Web, mobile, or IoT. All such applications have access to and are entrusted with private user data, such as location, photos, browsing habits, private feed from social networks, or bank details. In this thesis, we focus on IoT and Web(Assembly) apps. We demonstrate IoT apps to be vulnerable to attacks by malicious app makers who are able to bypass the sandboxing mechanisms enforced by the platform to stealthy exfiltrate user data. We further give examples of carefully crafted WebAssembly code abusing the semantics to leak user data. We are interested in applying language-based technologies to ensure application security due to the formal guarantees they provide. Such technologies analyze the underlying program and track how the information flows in an application, with the goal of either statically proving its security, or preventing insecurities from happening at runtime. As such, for protecting against the attacks on IoT apps, we develop both static and dynamic methods, while for securing WebAssembly apps we describe a hybrid approach, combining both. While language-based technologies provide strong security guarantees, they are still to see a widespread adoption outside the academic community where they emerged. In this direction, we outline six design principles to assist the developer in choosing the right security characterization and enforcement mechanism for their system. We further investigate the relative expressiveness of two static enforcement mechanisms which pursue fine- and coarse-grained approaches for tracking the flow of sensitive information in a system. Finally, we provide the developer with an automatic method for reducing the manual burden associated with some of the language-based enforcements.

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