The office of Saint Olav : A study of chant transmission

University dissertation from Uppsala : Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis

Abstract: This dissertation is a study of various aspects of transmission of liturgy in the Medieval churches of the Nordic countries, taking its point of departure in an edition and close study of the office of St. Olav, the patron saint of Norway. The first part is historically orientated. Questions are discussed concerning the institutional context within which the office was compiled and used, as well as questions of authorship and dating, and of the influences and models with which the compiler of the office has worked. Three such direct models have been found: the offices of St. Augustine, St. Martin and St. Vincentius. The second part is a study of the melodies used in the office, in comparison both with the different stylistic layers in the plainchant repertory and with the specific models, where such have been found. The office can in general be said to be a rather conservative example of a twelfth-century office.

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