Model based construction process management

University dissertation from Institutionen för fastigheter och byggande

Author: Jarmo Laitinen; Kth.; [1998]

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Abstract: The purpose of this research was to study how the data management of a main contractor can be improved, in order to provide better client value and more cost-efficient production. The research focused on methods for reengineering the information management using product modelling as enabling technology. The metbods were tested in pilot tests in which the developed cost and value engineering prototype application was used. This thesis demonstrates an integration of design and production planning based on the product model approach. The final outcome is that the main contractor can utilise information coming from designers as input in its own tendering and cost estimation applications. The key methodology used for describing the information management process throughout the building process life-cycle was IDEFO. The analysis of the cur rent process (as-is), in the form of an DEFO model, helped in identifying the main problems of current practice. The target process (to-be) definition was based on product model utilisation and takes into account the possibilities for process reengineering supported by product data technology. One specific re quirement was deemed important in view of the anticipated developments in the area of data exchange; the target system should be structured in such a way that it could easily be adapted to receive data according to the emerging IFC core model schemas. The overall result of the research reported in this thesis is that the product model approach can be used for a substantially reengineered information man agement process of a main contractor, especially in design and construct type contracts.

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