On the Evolving Friction of Layered Materials and the Prospect of Their Image Reconstruction

University dissertation from Stockholm : Stockholm University

Abstract: The scope of this licentiate thesis is twofold: 1. Investigate the frictional properties of systems with layered materials; 2. Employing image recognition algorithms to find the substrates in AFM experiments. As of today, there is a clear dichotomy separating these projects, however, it is the long term goal that they should coalesce in a not too distance future. The friction in layered materials projects is already finished, in this project we expanded the venerated Prandtl-Tomlison model to incorporate atomically thin layered materials such as graphene. This project has proved successful beyond our expectations, and a score of experimental results and conflicts in the field can be explained and resolved using our model. The image reconstruction project however, is still on a basic level. So far we have compared a standard model – Histogram Analysis Method– for image reconstruction on the nano-level with a popular image reconstruction algorithm –Lucy Richardson Deconvolution – from astronomy and shown that the latter is more suitable for these kind of systems. However, this project is far from finished, and the results in this part should be regarded as both partial and preliminary.