Modelling and Analysis of Cutting Forces, Traction Loads and Thermoelasticity of Carbide Cutting Tools in Turning Operations - Theory and Experiments

University dissertation from Department of Production & Materials Engineering, Lund University Library

Abstract: In modern manufacturing the production safety is often the key factor to achieve good product quality. Factors that influence the production safety are many, durability of machining centres, electric power supply and also the tool life. The tool life is governed by the ability to resist wear and failure. The long term wear is usually easy to predict contrary to premature failure. Premature failure will often cause a sudden change in the condition of the cutting tool and can lead to scrap parts. The failure is often caused by some overload of the cutting tool. The load acting on the tool is originating from the chemical (diffusion), traction and thermal load factors of the cutting process. The state of stress in the tool is correlated to the failure and is governed by the process temperature and the traction load. Both the process temperature and the traction load can be investigated by the finite element method. As input to the finite element analysis several cutting process parameters have however to be given and therefore also to be estimated

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