Moringa seed and pumice as alternative natural materials for drinking water treatment

University dissertation from Stockholm : Mark och vatten

Abstract: Pumice and the Moringa oleifera (MO) seed were investigated as alternative natural materials for drinking water treatment based on problems identified at the Stretta Vaudetto water treatment plant in Eritrea.Lab and pilot scale studies showed that pumice was a suitable alternative material for dual media filtration. Conversion of the sand filters at Stretta Vaudetto to pumice-sand media would significantly improve performance of the filtration units. The coagulant protein from the MO seed was purified in a single-step ion exchange purification method. The parameters for batch purification were optimized that can be readily scaled up. This will promote its use in water treatment.A small volume coagulation assay method was developed that simplified and expedited the coagulation activity experiments. MO coagulant protein (MOCP) possessed considerable coagulation and sludge conditioning properties as alum. It also showed antimicrobial effects against bacteria, some of which are antibiotic resistant. The coagulation and antimicrobial properties of MOCP render it important in water treatment.