Effective Charges Near 56Ni and Production of Anti-Nuclei Studied with Heavy-Ion Reactions

University dissertation from Department of Physics, Box 118, SE-22100 Lund, Sweden

Abstract: This thesis presents the research performed within two different research groups using heavy-ion induced nuclear reactions. They offer the opportunity to investigate different properties of nuclear matter. The results are based on measurements using a variety of different experimental techniques. The PHENIX experiment measured the production of deuteron and anti-deuterons at mid-rapidity in gold-gold collisions at the Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider, RHIC. The invariant yields and transverse momentum spectra are presented. The results are not in agreement with a simple coalescence model with a constant coalescence paramete. Excited states of atomic nuclei were populated using fusion-evaporation reactions. The emitted gamma rays were detected in large multi-detector arrays. One experiment was in conjunction with a plunger device. Lifetimes of analogue states in the A=51 mirror nuclei 51Fe and 51Mn were measured using the recoil distance Doppler shift (RDDS) technique. The deduced B(E2) values make possible an investigation of isoscalar and isovector polarization charges. A comparison between the experimental results and large-scale shell-model calculations yields a quantitative estimate of the effective nucleon charges in the fp-shell.

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