Synthesis of Electroactive Molecules Based on Benzodioxins and Tetrathiafulvalenes

University dissertation from Stockholm : Kemi

Abstract: This thesis deals with the synthesis of electroactiveorganic compounds. The synthesis of ethylenedioxy-benzodioxinstri-dioxin and tetra-dioxin are described. These molecules wereprepared with the aim of creating donor molecules for cationicradical salts. The symmetric analogs of tri-dioxin,methylenedioxy-derivative and ethylenedioxy-naphthalene werealso synthesized. Three different cation radical salts with 2:1stoichiometries were obtained from tri-dioxin, whiletetra-dioxin merely provided polycrystalline materials.Tri-dioxin and tetra-dioxin were also successful as operationalmatrixes in PALDI-TOF.Tetrathiafulvalenes with the2-dialkyl-amino-1,3-dithiolium-4-thiolate mesoion asbuilding-block was also synthesized. A series of doublyalkylthiol-substituted TTFs were prepared with the aim offorming self-assembly monolayers on gold surfaces in theapplication of organic thin film field-effect transistors.Film-formation for two TTFs were studied and they providedrelatively dense packed monolayers with a discrete distance ofthe TTF moiety from the gold surface.The mesoionic compound was also for the first time used inanumpolungreaction. The electrophile obtained in situ bytreatment of mesoion with sulfuryl chloride was reacted with avariety of electron-rich aromatic compounds. From the receivedproducts three new arylthio-substituted TTFs weresynthesized.Keywords:Synthesis, Benzodioxin, Tetrathiafulvalene,Mesoion, Organic Conductor, Cation Radical Salt, CyclicVoltammetry, Electrocrystallization, Self-Assembly Monolayer,SAM, Organic Field-Effect Transistor, OFET