Estimates for Discrete Hardy-type Operators in Weighted Sequence Spaces

Abstract: This PhD thesis consists of an introduction and eight papers, which deal with questions of the validity of some new discrete Hardy type inequalities in weighted spaces of sequences and on the cone of non-negative monotone sequences, and their applications. In the introduction we give an overview of the area that serves as a frame for the rest of the thesis. In particular, a short description of the development of Hardy type inequalities is given. In Paper 1 we find necessary and sufficient conditions on weighted sequences $\omega_i$, $i=1, 2,...,n-1$, $u$ and $v$, for which the operator $$ (S_{n}f)_i=\sum\limits_{k_1=1}^i\omega_{1,k_1}\cdots\sum\limits_{k_{n-1}=1}^{k_{n-2}} \omega_{n-1,k_{n-1}}\sum\limits_{j=1}^{k_{n-1}}f_j,~~ i\geq 1,~~~~~(1) $$ is bounded from $l_{p,v}$ to $l_{q,u}$ for $1

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