Component reliability importance indices for maintenance optimization of electrical networks

University dissertation from Stockholm : KTH

Abstract: Maximum asset performance is one of the major goals for electric power system managers. To reach this goal minimal life cycle cost and maintenance optimization become crucial while meeting demands from customers and regulators. One of the fundamental objectives is therefore to relate maintenance and reliability in an efficiently and effectively way, which is the aim of several maintenance methods such as the Reliability Centered Maintenance method (RCM). Furthermore, this necessitates the determination of the optimal balance between preventive and corrective maintenance to obtain the lowest total cost.This thesis proposes methods for defining the importance of individual components in a network with respect to total interruption cost. This is a first step in obtaining an optimal maintenance solution. Since the methods consider several customer nodes simultaneously, they are especially suitable for network structures that serve many purposes/customers e.g. transmission and distribution networks with more than one load point. The major results are three component reliability importance indices, which are applied in two case studies. The first case study is based on a network in the Stockholm area. The second case study is performed for one overhead line system in the rural parts of Kristinehamn. The application studies demonstrate that the indices are possible to implement for existing electrical networks and that they can be used for maintenance prioritization. Consequently these indices constitute a first step in the overall objective of a maintenance optimization method.The computations of the indices are performed both with analytical and simulation based techniques. Furthermore, the indices can be used to calculate the component contribution to the total system interruption cost. The approach developed for the importance indices can be utilized in any multi-state network that can be measured with one performance indicator.