Tools for Improved Performance in the Supply Chain - Experiences from a Software Development Project

Abstract: This thesis deals with tools for operational improvement of supply chain performance. The work was aimed at providing knowledge for supply chain developers and practitioners, and identifying and developing tools for improved performance in a supply chain. The investigation was part of a project financed by the European Commission called "Industrial Supply Chain Optimizer" (ISCO). The thesis consists of an introductory essay and appended papers. The appended papers each describe a selected tool or a combination of tools that improve performance. The tools in combination constitute a simple framework for improved performance in supply chains, which is further discussed in the frame. The tools together constitute the ISCO framework: · Create a process map, including your main supply chain partners (Paper 1 - Process Mapping in Supply Chains) · Find out where the costs are and their cause, including your main supply chain partners (Paper 2 - On Activity-Based Costing in Supply Chains) · Synchronize production and deliveries with your main supply chain partners (Paper 3 - Supply Chain Optimization through Genetic Algorithms) Experience from the case studies shows that the ISCO framework was very quick and simple to implement. The thesis proposes a simple framework for jump-starting improvement initiatives combined with a continuous relationship driver that is likely to be very attractive to supply chain managers.