Business to Business E-Commerce Adoption: - A strategic Perspective

Author: Moses Niwe; Stockholms Universitet.; [2007]

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Abstract: This research presents an explorative study examining issues and challenges in adoption of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce. We have collected a variety of organizational experiences of adopting and using B2B e-commerce, on the basis of which we synthesize a set of guidelines that support B2B adoption presented in form of organizational patterns. The study aims at extending the scope of the current literature on inter-organizational adoption. The organizations used are Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) as the Standard Developing Organization (SDO) for the predominant United States B2B standard X12. We focus on ASC’s challenges in the standardization diffusion process of the X12 standard. Specific questions include (1) what industry of X12 membership is most actively involved and (2) what is the most active role played by the different organizations involved in the X12 B2B exchange? The progression of X12 membership is examined over the years, and strategies to improve this. The findings reveal that the most active sector is the computer and consulting industry followed closely by the healthcare industry which is driven by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) legislation. The finance and insurance sectors show reluctance in joining the others probably because they formed their own alliances within their respective industries. Furthermore, the early adopters, the automotive sector, no longer participate in the X12 standard, because they have established their own B2B data platforms that support their business requirements. Our empirical investigations cover a range of cases at governmental and private organizations. I.e. U.S. government sector with department of defense (DoD) is a leader in the government sector for e-commerce transactions, and the reasons for its success in B2B and relative failure in B2B adoption. The findings propose a shift of the drivers of e-commerce adoption to enhancing business processes. Other cases include a sporting goods company that has been doing B2B based transactions since 1970s. Furthermore, a shipping and transportation company doing B2B transactions for over three decades and another SDO, Industry Data Exchange Association (IDEA) that facilitates B2B e-commerce in the electrical industry. <em>Submitted to Stockholm University in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Licentiate of Philosophy</em>

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