E-Government and Value Creation in the Context of a Least Developed Country : A perspective on public value and information infrastructure

Abstract: This thesis is in the field of information systems (IS), more specifically about IS impact. This thesis uses literature review and interpretive case study methods to investigate the phenomenon of value creation through e-government.The research was carried out from 2014 to 2019. Data was collected through interviews, participant observations, and document review. The main research question is "How do we create value through e-government in the context of an LDC?” It embodies the sub-questions: what is the value of e-government? And how do we attain such value?This thesis comprises four studies.The thesis found that value creation of e-government is a process of understanding: the value that e-government creates; the context in which egovernment resides because a process involves a context; and strategic actions to create that value within the context surrounds e-government.From the findings, this thesis argues that the value of public affairs including e-government refers to public value. The latter would mean citizens' collective expectations about public policies and services. Also, the findings reveal research needs about the public value of e-government in the LDCs in Sub-Saharan Africa and on methods of measuring and creating the public value of e-government.As original contribution, this thesis suggests a framework of six overarching and overlapping areas of e-government for the public value. The anticipation-reality gaps and their inter-relationships are identified, and five inter-related critical success factors are suggested. Also, the information infrastructure (II) framework, particularly, the notion of the cultivation of the installed-base is suggested as a promising avenue in the management of the public value creation in general, and in an LDC in particular.

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