Swedish student-athletes’ within-career transitions

University dissertation from Malmö University, Department of Sport Sciences

Abstract: The main purpose of this research project was to examine perceptions of within-career transition, as experienced by student-athletes striving to reach the international level. Interviews were used to examine the perceptions of student-athletes practicing individual sports at the national elite level. Eight categories were identified through thematic content analysis: changes experienced in the transition, career assistance, resources for adjusting to the new level in sport, satisfaction with their current situation, strategies for adjusting to the new level in sport, changes during a dual career, combining studies and everyday life, and strategies for adjusting to a dual career. The student-athletes emphasised prolonged career assistance, interpersonal support, dedication, and commitment, and recognised the need for coping strategies such as stress and time management. Suggestions for promoting successful within-career transitions for student-athletes are discussed.

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