Asymmetric hydrogenation of allylic alcoholsusing iridium catalysts

University dissertation from Stockholm University

Abstract: The first part of this thesis is focussed on the enantioselective iridium catalyzeda symmetric hydrogenation of allylic alcohols. The study involved the preparation of a range of allylic alcohols. These allylic alcohols were then hydrogenated, using iridium catalysts that have been previously prepared, to produce chiral alcohols with high yields and excellent enantioselectivity. The selectivity model of the reaction was used to accurately predict the absolute configuration of the hydrogenated products.The second part of the thesis was directed on the application of iridium catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenation of allylic alcohols in the synthesis of a late-stage intermediate of Aliskiren. A total of three synthetic routes were evaluated. The best synthesis relies on asymmetric hydrogenation of an allylic ester and an allylic alcohol as key-steps. Full conversion and 94% ee for the allylic alcohol were achieved. The late-stage intermediate of Aliskiren was successfully synthesized in eight steps.

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